Mobile Game Global LeaderCom2uS

Global company that spreads joy across the world through innovation and challenges.
In 1999, Com2uS Corp (CEO Jaejoon Song and Joohwan Lee) became the first company to develop and service a mobile game in South Korea. In 2000, it developed the first java based mobile game in the world and engaged in innovative and revolutionary challenges. In 2007, it became the first South Korean mobile game company to be listed on KOSDAQ (078340).
Com2uS had been targeting the global market for almost 10 years, even before the introduction of smartphones. Based on the vast pool of know-hows gained from the establishment of foreign offices and entering the NA and EU markets, Com2uS has become a very competitive company.
Com2uS has been a part of the history of mobile games and continues its challenges for the future with globally respected development, global servicing know-hows, and diversification of business portfolios.

Com2uS, a Korean company thriving on the global stage

Com2uS has established local offices in China, Japan and USA since early 2000s and made continuous efforts to expand its global market. Com2uS has been successful in the global market thanks to its servicing know-hows including user network and combined data management, analysis by country, and global promotions,etc. gathered from years of servicing experience. Currently, Com2uS services various popular games in 160 different countries worldwide, including the global hit, Summoners War: Sky Arena.

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